Cherie Mixer Blender Troubleshooting

Most of the issues related to your Favorite Cherie Mixer Grinder are fairy simple and can be fixed by the user themselves, this Cherie Mixer Blender Troubleshooting guide will surely help you.

Cherie Blender Will Not Turn On

The blender will not respond and does not show any signs of powering up.

  • The blender is not plugged into a wall source
  • Check to make sure the cord is properly plugged into the wall outlet. The wall outlet must provide a minimum of 220-240 volts. Any voltage less than 220 volts may not turn the Cherie Blender on.
  • Jar tabs are not twisted properly. (Blender will not get on without properly fixing the tabs)
  • Your Cherie blender Jar has two tabs, these two tabs gets into the slot of blender groove and deactivate the safety mechanism.
  • Please check tabs are properly locked (a click sound should come when you lock the tabs of the jar

 Other Issues related to Cherie Mixer Blender Troubleshooting

If the Cherie Blender has been used more than the specified time or not been given enough rest in between/ probably a smell of hot metal or electrical components is coming.

So, either heat sensor or the carbon brushes have gone faulty.

Please contact LA’FORTE Customer care at +91 9643335959 or write us at

Product Leakage

 Cherie blender is blending food, but there are evident of leaks and spillage. Functionally product should not leak in normal circumstances.

Following are some of the main reasons of leakages-

  • Wrong Blade is being used to – For Liquid blending always use cross blade, so in case you are using the flat blade, please change it to cross blade.
  • Cross blade is not screwed onto the cup lid tightly - Check to see that the blade is screwed onto the cup lid properly by using the ridges on the cup as a guide.

If it still does not screw on properly, order a new one here.

  • Rubber gasket on extractor blade is torn or ripped or not properly placed on disc.
  • Jar is not properly secured on the powerbase.
  • Your Cherie blender may have some external or internal cracks.

Food is not being blended or cut properly.

  • Some ingredients are stuck in between the blades – Please clear the obstruction from the blade
  • The cup is too full to blend or grind – give some space to the jar, make sure not to fill past the max line.
  • Blades may have gone dull, and you should get it replaced.

Ingredients are not blending well.

Add more liquid to your blending treat, For the better consistency, we recommend you add more water or some ice to it.

Why removing the blades is difficult after blending?

Machine creates pressure while blending, this pressure inside the jar creates difficulty in removing the blades- to avoid blend in shorter cycles and do not blend in a single go.

What should not be blended in the Cherie Mixer blender

Do not blend hot liquids or carbonated drinks like Soda , these ingredients can build up pressure which may cause damage to the product or

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