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LA' FORTE Extension Board with 6 USB and 3 AC Outlets Power strip (1.65 mtr Long Wire)

LA' FORTE Extension Board with 6 USB and 3 AC Outlets Power strip (1.65 mtr Long Wire)

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LA' FORTE sleek and protective power strip, designed to simplify your charging needs! With 6 USB charging ports and 3 AC Switch and single control switch button, it's easy to keep all your devices powered up and secure. 

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For Multi Tasking

3 splash and dust-resistant AC outlets; 6 high-speed USB ports, supports 2500W and 110V-250V for worldwide use.

Premium Material and Safety

Made with fire-resistant PC material and 100% copper wire for enhanced safety..

Space Saving Design

Ideal for home offices and entertainment centers, allows simultaneous charging of up to nine devices, organizing your space efficiently.

Premium Components

Component uses premium components to ensure top-notch quality and reliability. Made with 100% copper wire and fire-resistant PC material, it guarantees optimal performance and durability. These high-quality materials provide superior safety and longevity, giving you confidence in every use.

  • Child Proof Design

    Ensure your family's safety with our power strip. This durable, fire-resistant socket prevents curious fingers from accessing electrical contacts.

  • Overload Protection

    Designed to prevent electrical overloads, it automatically shuts off the power when the load exceeds safe levels.

  • Fire Safety Material

    Made from fire-resistant PC material, ensuring enhanced safety in your home. This durable material can withstand high temperatures, reducing the risk of fire.