Return/ Refund Policy

Return Policy

At, we dispatch all the products after due testing, We do not have NO QUESTION ASKED RETURN POLICY 

Return of products are allowed only in the event of damage of goods or part thereof in transit or for any discrepancy between the goods delivered and the goods ordered, you must hold the goods and make them available for inspection or collection by Us or Our representatives on request.

Our total liability under any warranty for defective or damaged goods supplied by us, or in relation to services is limited at Our option to either:

(i)  Replacing the defective or damaged goods; or

(ii)   Refunding the price of the defective or damaged goods.

 We are not under any obligation to accept any returns of products where the defect or damage was caused by you or the defect or fault occurred after dispatch of Services.

If you want to return your purchased items?

Ship the items back to us. You can use any shipping company and shipping method you want. The package must arrive to our warehouse directly  Please note as in our return policy, the cost of shipping in returns is paid by the customer. Refund of Money will be done on successful return of the original product in Original Condition. 
Damage in transit will be customer's responsibility.

Fine print

For the purpose of these Terms:

(a) Damaged shall mean unforeseen and accidental physical loss, breakage, destruction of or damage to tangible property including the loss of use thereof at any time resulting from nuisance or interference with any right of way, light, air or water.

(b) Defect shall mean an error, that prevents the required usage or which substantially diminishes the possibilities or use of the products with the following specifications:

(i)  a defect is substantial, if it cannot be cured despite repeated attempts such that the product cannot be used at all;

(ii) it is not a defect, if buyer or a third party make modifications or repairs to the product without the company’s permission unless the buyer can prove that the defect occurred independently from the modification or repairs.


About Us

Our Company

The expertise of our team , selection of material, getting into every detail, continuous improvement, the quality of our work and our passion for excellence are the engines that drive us and lead us every day to craft exceptional and personalized products that will bring you a happy culinary experience.

Started in France in 1997 as a small appliances’ manufacturer to its status as a leader in design and technology, La’Forte has remained committed to its core values of Reliability, Novelty and Excellent Customer service. La’Forte aims to manufacture affordable home appliances using the latest innovations and user-friendly designs.

For more than 20 years, we have been striving to build on the legacy of Charles Forte by keeping our quality intact while evolving and always seeking to innovate and advance in pursuit of one goal‚ÄĒthe Happiness of our customers.

La’Forte products Mix and Blend well with India; India being a paradise of gourmets and gastronomes and La’Forte being part of French heritage, becomes and ideal combination of Taste and conviviality

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