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LA' FORTE Multi Cook kettle with Steamer and Egg Boiling Tray Food Grade 304 SS Interior, Double Wall Cool Touch

LA' FORTE Multi Cook kettle with Steamer and Egg Boiling Tray Food Grade 304 SS Interior, Double Wall Cool Touch

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1.5 Ltr Double Wall Kettle - Inner 304 Stainless Steel and Outer ABS

Multipurpose Electric Hot Pot

Easy to Clean

Compact & Portable Cooker

Rapid Heating and Safe

Adjustable Temperature Control

Comes with Stainless Steel Steamer and Egg Boiling tray

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Easy and Effective

Features with a 1.5L capacity, LA' FORTE is multi purpose Kettle is easy to store without taking up too much space for its mini size, which can replace various cookware. It is a MUST-HAVE for small households, flats & apartments, student dorms and resort hotels.

Steamed Cooking

A multi-cook pot with a steamer attachment is a versatile kitchen appliance that allows for healthy, easy, and convenient cooking. With the steamer attachment, you can cook vegetables, fish, poultry, and grains with minimal cleanup and without any added fat or oil. This appliance is perfect for those looking to cook nutritious meals without spending too much time in the kitchen.

  • Egg Boiler Tray

    an egg boiling tray accessory is a convenient kitchen appliance that allows for versatile cooking options. The egg boiling tray is a handy attachment that makes boiling and peeling eggs quick and easy.

  • Elegant Design

    The product's elegant and beautiful ivory-white color gives it a sophisticated look that can complement any kitchen decor. Its sleek design adds a touch of style and modernity to the countertop. This appliance not only offers practicality and versatility, but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

  • Versatile Multi Tasking

    The multi-utility kettle is a versatile appliance that can handle a variety of tasks in the kitchen. With the ability to boil water, make tea or coffee, cook soups or noodles, and even boil eggs with the egg boiling tray attachment, this appliance is a true multi-tasker. Its compact design makes it easy to store, and the convenience of having multiple functions in one appliance saves time and effort in the kitchen. Whether you're a student in a dorm room or a busy professional in need of a quick and easy meal, this multi-functional kettle is the perfect addition to your kitchen.