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Citrus Juicer attachement for Cherie Mixer

Citrus Juicer attachement for Cherie Mixer

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Compatible with Cherie Blender (Will not work stand alone)

Easy operation and Easy Cleaning

Effective for extracting juices from Citrus Fruits

With Citrus juicer attachment now add another feather in the cap of your favorite Cherie Mixer Grinder blender.

This Citrus Juicer effectively makes you able to carry out the preparation of your favorite juices , (oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons and any other citrus). Made with high-quality material and sleek design, it is easy to store and clean.

The operation is very simple - Place the attachment on the motor base and SLICE the fruit in half, PLACE the fruit on the cone, hold the fruit on the top of the cone and fresh juice will start flowing.

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